8 Steps of Nail Art for the Beginner

What is Nail Art?

The nails are trimmed to the desired shape, smoothed and polished to a perfect nail state. Then decorate the nail surface with various colors, patterns, decorative items, or accessories. Manicure tools, gels, nail polish, all kinds of cleaning products, and unlimited creativity are needed to beautify your nails.

Step 1 : Choose For Your Nail Art

Choose the right nail shape based on your own nail size, length and condition. Draw a picture of the nail art you imagined. You can use fake nails(acrylic) if needed, but the process will be longer and more complicated.

Nail polish is easy to apply, saving time and effort, but durable for only one week. Gel polishing for 3-4 weeks and curing under UV or LED light. Gel polishing requires more manicure tools and time than regular nail polish. However, the effect of gel polishing is more beautiful and flexible.

Step 2 : Prepare tools and materials

According to your idea, write down a list of things you need to use. Generally, all the things you needed will be available in the market or online store.

Manicure tools that are generally needed are: nail clipper, cuticle trimmer or cutter, V-shaped push stick, nail files or buffer, nail polishing file, dotting pen, cleaning brush, gel polish, nail polish, nail polish remover, nail wipes cotton pads and so on. LED (UV) lamp is required when using nail gel polish. It’s easier for beginner to start with nail polish.

Step 3 : Manicure Preparation

You need to trim your nails before applying any gel or nail polish. For beginners, be careful about the use of sharp tools.

  1. Use a nail clipper to trim your nails into your favorite shape.
  2. Use nail buffer to soften and smooth the shape.
  3. Remove cuticle and dirt by using polishing file and cuticle pusher.
  4. Remove the dead skin by v-shaped cuticle fork. Push the level at a 45 degree angle.
  5. Use a nail brush to clean your nails.
  6. Use a cleaning solution(alkoho) to remove grease and dust from your nails.

Step 4 : Apply Base Coat

Apply base coat to the entire nail after the front job. Base coat affects the durability and perfection of the nail art.

  • For nail polish – Apply a thin layer on the middle part of the nail and apply both sides in turn. Then wait for it to dry.
  • For UV gel polish – Use the flat brush to apply a thin layer base coat follow the margins of the nails, in the middle, on both sides, and nail tips. Put it under the LED (UV) light for 30 mins to one mins.

Step 5 : Apply Color Coat

Apply the color coat after the drying of base coat. The most important technique is the color balance and thickness of the nail polish.

  • For nail polish – Apply a thin layer color from middle of the nail surface to the nail tips and following by both sides. Do the same step again to get the best result.
  • For UV gel polish – Use the flat brush to apply a thin layer color gel polish from the edge of nail to the nail tip, and following by the both sides, and put under UV(1-2 minutes)/LED(30 seconds) lamp. Repeat this step to apply the next layer. Apply 2-3 layers to get best result.

Step 6 : Apply Nail Art Accessories

Nail Art Accessories, Rhinestones or 3D items

There are many types of accessories available for nail art, including rhinestones, studs, glitters, stickers, pearls, metals, sequins, crystal gems, and so on. Use nail art glue or nail extension gel to decorate your nails.

  1. Apply glue to the nails with flat brush.
  2. Place the rhinestone on nail surface and cure it for about 3 minutes using a UV or LED lamp to ensure it is completely dry.
  3. For large or embossed rhinestones, add a little glue to the gap and the base to ensure that it is double-fixed and solidified again until it is completely dry.

Nail Art , Painting & Polish

Use a nail liner brush and more than 2 colors nail polish to draw between the base coat and the top coat. it can be horizontal stripes, glitter, dot pattern, gradient color, French styles, geometric graphics, matte surface, marbled styles, cartoon, watercolor, 3d, flowers and trees, etc.

Step 7: Apply Top Coat

The upper gel protects the color and makes the nails shiny and increases durability.

  • For nail polish – Apply a thin layer top coat from middle of the nail surface to the nail tips and following by both sides.
  • For UV gel polish – Use the flat brush to apply a thin layer top gel polish from the edge of nail to the nail tip, and following by the both sides. Put the hand under UV(1-2 minutes) or LED(30 seconds) lamp.

Step 8 : Remove and Repair

  • For nail polish – Apply the nail polish remover to the cotton pad and wipe it clean.
  • For UV gel polish – Remove any accessories on the nail with clipper. Polish the nails surface by polishing file. Soak the nails in nail remover wraps about 5 – 10 minutes. Remove the gel polish by cuticle pusher. Clean the dust on nail surface by nail brush. Avoid hurting real nails.

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