How to Use Clear Nail Polish

How to Use Clear Nail Polish

Many women are fond of coloring their nails. The most common colors are likely pink and red. You might have seen some “rocker” guys with black nails. Girls use clear polishing nails to make their nails beautiful. However, you need to use the suitable color.

The costs of various products of clear nail polish may differ significantly. Some types of clear nail polish which you can purchase for less than one dollar. You can also purchase an entire range of these products for $20 for approximately 25 colors. You just need around $4 to purchase any kind of average clear nail polish. If you want plenty of colors, you can go for an entire set and save a lot of money.

Is Clear Nail Polish Like Top Coat?

It will normally only last for several days when you place a polished coat on your nail. That might somehow rely on what you do generally. For example, the polish can be removed from your nails when washing. Clear nail polish and top coat are markedly different. Clear nail polish is just nail polish, prone to chipping and peeling off, not intended as a top coat. On the other hand, a top coat acts as a sealant or protect against chips and scrapes.

Conversely, some kinds of clear polish nails will not be so readily chipped off than others. Read other reviews and get such a type if you don’t want to apply polish every day. Alternatively, if you don’t have a base coat, you can use clear nail polish.

Multipurpose Use Of Clear Nail Polish

Perhaps you already know that clear nail polish can be used more than to polish your nails. Different people say different things and even say that it’s a cure for ringworm. This may or may not be accurate, but it is definitely helpful in some other ways. It may be the medicine to use clear nail polish on jewelry and make it look fabulous. Your can hold smooth and shiny with a tiny amount of clear nail polish on your belt buckle. You can also use it to repair the wooden floor, safe buttons or even protect your shoelaces.

Here are some examples of practical clear nail polish use:

  • Stop your shoelaces from fraying,
  • Reset stones into jewelry,
  • Tighten a loose screw,
  • Code your keys,
  • Keep your buttons intact,
  • Prevent jewelry from turning your hands green,
  • Make threading needles easier,
  • Seal an envelope with clear nail polish,
  • Seal splinters in wood,
  • Reattach gems,
  • Stop button thread from unraveling

Clear Polish Remover

You also need to buy a clear polish remover. Purchase an acetone-free remover if you want to. It is thought that these kinds of remover will not dry your nails as much as those with acetone. You should however remember that acetone-free removers could be somewhat less effective. Consider these facts before deciding on the sort of clear polish remover you should buy.

The use of a remover is not a difficult job. Make sure you are careful when applying and removing polish, so that you don’t screw up everything. When applying polish keep something to wipe off any excess clear nail polish. You have to apply more than one coat so that you take special care to have the top coat right. With this, you can finish your manicure.

Clear nail polish could make your nail look better if you choose the right colour and apply it correctly. Patience is essential.

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