How to Use Color Nail Polish

How to Use Color Nail Polish

Nail polish is a color liquid used to paint finger and toe nails. It improves the appearance of the nails and protects them. In the 20th century, color nail polish became popular. It was first launched in 1920. However, it is thought to be created in 3000 B.C by the Chinese. Gold, silver and red are known in ancient times to be the most preferred colors for nail polish.

Color nail polish is a polish made of dissolved nitrocellulose in a solvent. Then the color pigments are added. It is comparable to vehicle polish and needs an acetone-containing nail polish remover for removal.

Color nail polish is available under many brands. You can choose from a broad range of colors and styles. Some nail polishes are available with glitter. Color nail polish is available in matte finish and bright finish. There are certain nail polishes that also offer a metallic finish.

Nail polish is simple to use. You can applied with a manicure by a specialist or simply applied at home. Prior to the application of color nail polish, you should applied a base coat to protect the nail. After removal, some very dark nail polish may leave stains on the nail. The use of a base coat will prevents these stains. Two preferred-color nail polish coats after the base coat. You wait nails dry entirely after applying next coat. If you apply the following coat before the nails are dried, the nail polish can be damaged and blurred. After application of color nail polish, you can add a protective clear top coat. This provides the nail shine and prevents the nail from peeling.

Although most nail polishes last only a few days, some long-lasting nail polishes are available on the market. They are called extended wear polishes, and they last longer without chipping. Other kinds of nail polishes include fast drying polishes, growth-enhancing polishes, and strengthening polishes. The polish strengthening contains protein which protects the nails against breaking. Growth enhancing polishes will enhance nail development and contain vitamins and other ingredients. Some all-in-one nail polish comes with the base coat and top coat. You can also use the color nail polish for nail art.

You can carry a colored nail polish depending on the clothing type. You should choose the nail polish styles that match the color of the skin. Deep colors are suitable for dark skin tones while rose shades are best for pale skin. Bronze and olive skin tones are ideal for orange and black shades. The most popular polished nail colors are the red and pink shades.

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