Manicure for Small Fat Hands

The fat finger manicure should be trimmed into a square shape, which makes it possible to visually buffer the finger lines, and the square nails are more fashionable as well. You can try to choose light colors, pink, milk color and other gentle colors are best for small meat hands. Clever use of small lines and small color blocks, small color blocks such as small crescents, can visually stretch your hand curve. UV extended nails and sticky nails can help you look longer.

How Do Make Fat Hands Nails Look Good?

1、Trim Into Square Shapes

Do you think that the girl with thick calves is more skinny and thicker when choosing round-square high heels? The same is true for nails. The fat-looking fingers are more suitable for square shape! In terms of vision, the lines of the fingers can be buffered, and the square nails are also fashionable.

2、Try To Choose A Light Color System

Manicure close to the skin can modify the lines of the hand, such as pink, milk color and other gentle colors are best for small meat hands. This color makes your nails look unflattering, simple, and feminine!

3、Use Small Lines And Color Blocks

The small lines are clean and neat, so it is suitable for thick fingers. You can also embellish small color blocks such as small crescent on the nails. These finger designs can visually extend the lines of the hand and look fashionable as well.

4、Extend Acrylic Nail Or Phototherapy Extension

Finger Thinning Tips

For some, except fat fingers, the nails are short and ugly! You can save your nails with phototherapy nails that not only allows you to do whatever style you want, but also helps you to correct the type shape!

Here are some thin finger care exercises for everyone, hurry up and take a look, then move together.

  1、Clench your fists with both hands and stretch out with force. Repeat this exercise 30 times.

  2、Lift your hands to the head and slowly lower them. Repeat this exercise 30 times.

  3、Put your hands on the flat height of the elbow, let your hands hang down slowly, and repeat this movement of the hand 30 times.

  4、Use your thumb and forefinger to pull each fingertip on one side and massage for 2 seconds, remembering that each finger is 6 times and repeated 30 times.

  5、Put your hands flat on the table, gently press down, then raise a finger and try to raise it as high as possible. Repeat this exercise 30 times.

  6、Rub and massage the back of the hands from the wrist to the fingertips 20 times.

You can do the above actions in your spare time, stick to one of them and you will achieve the effect you want!

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