What is Gel Nail Polish

What is Gel Nail Polish

Gel nail polish is produced from a monomer gel and per-mixed polymer. There are two kinds of gel nail polish. The most common type of gel nail polish is brushed on a nail and is cured for 30 seconds under UV light. Two coats are generally applied and then dried for 30 seconds under UV light after each coat. There is no UV light required for the other type of gel nail polish. This polish can be cured by brushing or spraying a specific gel activator or by dipping into water. Gel nail polish is available in varying colors and some types can be blended to create unique color schemes.

You can use gel nail polish to paint and extend the nails. To extend the length, you can glue a tip on the nail. The gel is colored along the nail’s length when the tip is glued to the nail. Nail is then cured under UV light. This strengthens and enables the natural nail to grow.

Advantage Of Gel Nail Polish

The primary advantage of gel nail polish is the fast drying time. Because it dries very quickly under UV light, therefore the nails are not muddled or damaged. This type of nail polish has no acid like the normal nail polish. It is thus healthier, natural and provides a smoother finish better than normal nail polish. The normal nail polish lasts only a few days and tends to peel off, get damaged and chipped. Gel nail polish lasts about two weeks or longer.

In comparison to normal nail polish, gel nail polish is odorless. It needs little or no buffing. This sort of nail polish is therefore perfect for individuals who hate the odor of normal nail polish or buffing of nails. Although it has many advantages, issues may arise if it is not applied in thin coats or cured not correctly.

Remove Gel Nail Polish

You can remove gel nail polish at home or remove it professionally in a nail saloon. It may take much longer to remove than normal nail polish. You can placed your nail wrapped in cotton pad, soaked in a nail polish acetone remover and covered with aluminum foil for about 10 to 15 minutes in order to remove gel nail polish. Even after this removal process, the nail polish often has to be filed off to remove it from the nail completely.

Because it includes UV light, it is not possible to do gel nail polish manicures at home. They cost more than normal manicures because they must be made professionally. Buying gel nail polish costs more even if it doesn’t last as long as you polish it normally. Yet the polish of gel nails is not common as normal polish of nails.

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