Look Healthy Through Nail Shape

Look Healthy Through Nail Shape

Different nail shapes often show different pathological features. Nails hide the code of health as we can see a person’s health problems from the shape of nails, gloss, color, and texture.

The shape of the nail includes both the aspect ratio of the nail and the shape of the nail. Because nail types are related to congenital genetic factors, and most of them are from the body type.

Nail Shape and Health

Long Nails

People with long nails are milder and less impatient, so the diseases caused by mental factors are relatively rare in them. However, due to weak innate human constitution and weak immune system, it is simple to create chronic inflammatory diseases such as upper respiratory tract infection, gastroenteritis, and brain and heart illnesses.

Short Nails

People with short nails are more likely to be impetuous. The heart function of such people is relatively weak, and it is more likely to occur from the abdomen to the lower back and lower limbs. If the tip of the nail is flat and embedded in the meat, it is more prone to diseases such as neuralgia and rheumatism.

Square Nails

These types of nails are similar in length and width, and the nails are close to a square. Such people are relatively poor in constitution and often belong to the powerless type. Although there is no obvious serious illness, it is easy to become a patient with many hereditary diseases. If a woman has such a nail, she should be alert to problems with the uterus and ovaries.

Lily Type Nails (Almond)

The nails of this shape are relatively long, with prominent protrusions in the middle, curved inside, and shaped like a lily. This type of nail is more common in women, and the shape of the nail is the most beautiful. However, most people with this type of nail are sick from an early age, especially in the digestive system, and are more prone to blood system diseases.

Wider Nails

The nail is narrow underneath, wide on the top, and the tip of the nail is curved. Most people who have such nails are born with strong physical fitness. They are very good at small physical fitness and have strong tolerance. However, they are easy to ignore their health. In adult or old age, it is more likely to suffer from duodenal ulcer, cholecystitis and even liver disease.

Round Nails

People with round nails look strong and rarely get sick. Such people are very insensitive to the reflection and observation of the disease, so it is difficult to consciously see the abnormality of their bodies. So if they are sick, they are often seriously ill. The most common occurrences in them are ulcer bleeding, pancreatitis, and heart dysfunction, and even cancer.

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